WEAR: Breathable Underwear

Amanda Vanas

Posted on March 12 2018

Free People brunette model wearing purple floral bamboo booty shorts made by BIA BORO   Free People female model wearing green animal print bamboo thong made by BIA BORO

Most underwear these days are fairly breathable- that's right, fairly, and let me tell you, that's gross. When choosing your underwear make sure you're choosing one that's made with natural materials like bamboo or cotton as synthetic materials, or even silk are not breathable and will trap and retain moisture, resulting in a breeding ground for bacterial infections and funky odours.

Free People female model wearing a purple aztec bamboo thong made by BIA BORO   Free People brunette female model wearing a purple and pink aztec printed bamboo booty short made by BIA BORO

Bamboo fabric dominates over plain cotton underwear due to it's moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. Ask any expert, if you're the least bit sweaty, stay clear of cotton underwear which tends to stay wet, and let's just say you do't want your environment that kind of moist. 

The best everyday underwear for women is a  full-coverage bottom, try our  women's bamboo booty shorts. For men, a  long boxer is ideal, try our athletic bamboo boxers. 

 Author: Amanda Vanas

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